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Alright, now that you’ve been much inspired and motivated to finally come visit this scenic island paradise, planning the ultimate Sri Lanka itinerary is now on the mark! While a holiday in Sri Lanka is vividly justifiable with all the wonderful delights it constantly has in store for its keen tourist, Sri Lanka Itineraries should be designed to include some with some of the best this beautiful island got to offer.
Remember you can always customize Itineraries based on your needs. You may be visiting us from the UK, Europe US, Canada, Australia, China etc.. where you should ideally plan for an Itinerary for more than 7 days due to the flying time to Sri Lanka.

However if you are planning to visit from countries such Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, India, Malaysia or any other country which is a few flying hours away then a Sri Lanka Itinerary for more than 3 days will be sufficient.


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