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Key Words: Introduction to the Hospitality Industry, Guide to select your role in the Hospitality Industry

The Hospitality Industry is a broad category within the service industry used to describe accommodation, transportation, high end restaurants and fields within the tourism industry – And not merely hotels. The term applies to any company focused on customer satisfaction through the provision of exceptional services and comfort. While the hospitality industry makes for interesting work, its constant changing dynamic makes it a challenge too.

The industry has witnessed exponential growth over the last decade and the trend is set to continue. Given the booming nature of the hospitality industry, it is of no surprise that there is always a new player opening up their doors for business. This poses a problem, for in a competitive marketplace, it becomes vital to select your role in the industry and have a point of difference.

Presented, is a brief guide to select your role in the vast arena that is the hospitality industry in order to stand out from the fray:

• Have Your Own Story – Differentiating from the competition in the hospitality industry is a challenge, but not an impossible one. Having your own unique theme and concept can help you select your role within the industry. Understand your capabilities and passions and mold your business model to fit-in with your story. Decide if your story has you providing accommodation, cuisine, luxury transport or tours. Imitating existing models is a sure fire way to get lost in the crowd. Tell your customers exactly who you are and what you stand for.

• Identify Your Audience – To select your role in the hospitality industry in order to be a distinctive force, it is advisable to select one category instead of multiple facets, and be clear on what your business is, what makes you different and how you best serve your select audience. Select a category you can excel at by providing the best in terms of services. Think about who you want to cater towards. This will help you in selecting your role within the industry and determine how to best cater to suit consumer needs. The idea is to polarize your select audience and no one else (For example, selecting your role as a tour provider and catering towards families) Highlight what your selected customer demographic wants, ensure that is provided to the best of your capabilities and capture the market share – A happy customer is the basis of creating brand loyalty.

• Consider the Economy – The hospitality industry is largely dependent on the economy. In the event of a challenging economic situation, adaptation is key. Special activities, packages and discounts could be used, while still catering to, and maintaining customer loyalty. Being able to modify to the changing tides when selecting your role will set you apart from the competitors.
As stated above, the hospitality industry is in a constant flux. One must be willing to change their roles and adapt accordingly. Listening, learning and responding to change will project you as innovative and relevant industry leader. What worked in the past won’t continue to do so and customers’ priorities change. Your role in the hospitality industry should change accordingly to reflect that and keep abreast emerging trends.


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