It is absolutely true to say that relationship management is the key to managing the hospitality sector successfully. Accordingly a hotel’s customer relations with its guests should be of high priority at all times as sound customer experiences will influence its bottom-line in the medium to longer term. This translates in to the fact that customer profiling is a must, or simply put, one needs to know his customer. Let’s take a look at a few types of hotel guest profiles and how best they are managed.

The Business Traveller wants everything at his fingertips. He wants to know where he can get whatever he needs and quickly. Preparing for his work and meeting his own client will be his priority. You could safely assume that he will want his meals on time, laundry done, clothes ironed, and access to good Wi-Fi connectivity with minimal interruption. Managing this customer will be to ensure that he has what he wants when he needs it. A classic example would be to simply ask him if he needs his suit dry cleaned before his meeting or whether he would prefer to have his meal delivered to his room.

Families with children are very likely on a preplanned holiday. They will want great value for money in terms of tours, sightseeing, and activities for their kids. Provide them with the various fun activities the hotel has to offer, suggest options for the kids to occupy themselves, and also offer to babysit the kids for a while.

The Backpackers or budget travellers will always be focused on price saving options. Offer them information on the area in which they are staying, the night life, eateries available in the area, and never forget to give them free Wi-Fi! That would be the icing on the cake!


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