Future Traveler Tribes 2030

In 2007, Amadeus commissioned a future-focused report on key consumer groups travelling in the year 2020. Outlined there were four significant demographic segments, or “tribes”, which were understood to be of increasing importance to brands within the
aviation and travel sectors.

This report brings those tribes into the present, and projects them forward into 2030 with a greater focus on the wider travel ecosystem including airports, hotels, rail companies and travel agents. Our approach however differs significantly from that brought to the 2007 report. Where the previous tribes were demographically-based, the tribes described here are based on the values, behaviours and needs of travellers. We see evidence for the existence of these tribes already; in this report we express our expectations for how the size and makeup of these groups will change over the next 15 years. We have not discarded the original four tribes, but we have rebuilt them into new frameworks. We have developed the original four tribes into six…

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