French cuisine is a unique, cultural experience that blends flavourful, wholesome foods with elegance, sophistication, and artful presentation. French food is an art that takes a lifetime to master, and its influence can be seen all over the world.

Considered as the backbone of most Western cuisine, classical French cooking techniques have shaped and influenced the culinary world. France is known for being a nation of food fanatics. Paris alone has an estimated 5,000 plus restaurants!

To give you the opportunity to savour this magnificent culinary heritage, The Kingsbury will be hosting expert Chef Eric Berrigaud from France. Chef Eric is a native of the Brittany region in France and his illustrious 33-year career has seen him travel the world. Join Eric as he dazzles you with his culinary prowess from 19 to 28 June at The Ocean Seafood Restaurant. A special five course menu with perfectly paired wines featuring Eric’s signature specialties are yours to experience.

An excited Chef Eric said: “I am looking forward to my culinary adventure in Sri Lanka and what better place than The Kingsbury, Colombo. I am excited to work with one of the best culinary teams in Sri Lanka and bring in my knowledge and experience to the kitchen. Guests are in for an absolute treat!”

Chef Eric will also be curating special menu at The Grill and an Italian Tapas menu at the Honey Beach Club in the following weeks. Visit or The Kingsbury Facebook page for more information on Chef Eric Berrigaud’s culinary offerings at The Kingsbury. Call 077 108 7720 for more info.

This article originally appears on DailyFT.


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