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Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, 2nd Floor, No: 50, Navam Mawatha Colombo 02 SRI LANKA
Navam Mawatha Colombo Western Province 00200 LK
+94 11 55 888 00+94 11 55 888 00
+94 11 2 44 9352
This was indeed prior to the year 1966, which is considered the birth of modern tourism in Sri Lanka with the establishment of the Ceylon Tourist Board by an act of Parliament.

The first President of the Association was Mr.N.K.Choksy, Q.C. According to available records, in 1966, one year after the Association was formed; the number of graded rooms was 720, with a total bed capacity of 1,200. Subsequently the name of the Association was changed to Tourist Hotels Association of Sri Lanka.

In 1973, due to the increase in membership, the Association sought an affiliation with the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce.

The Tourist Hotels Association of Sri Lanka has thus managed, through tenacious resilience, to work towards rejuvenating the Tourist Industry of the Island through insurgencies, natural disasters, epidemics as well as a three–decade long conflict.

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