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No. 331, High Level Road, Gamsaba Junction, Nugegoda Srilanka
1st Lane Nugegoda Western Province 10250 LK
+94 11 5929203-5+94 11 5929203-5
+94 770 023565+94 770 023565
+94 11 5929254

Spark Blue (Pvt) Ltd is an establishment;specialized and designed to influence human behavior actively and intelligently. We love to create intelligent digital panel solutions that move products, consumers, and sales metrics. Our solutions increase sales, improve brand loyalty, optimize customer experience, and reinforce business objectives.We embraces flexible platforms that help businesses attract targeted clients and assist consumers’ buying decisions and ensure a measurable impact on their business. Innovation, performance and customer satisfaction are the main drivers of our Company and we remained true to our values and principals and that make us different from our competitors.

We strive to provide quality service to our client through constant research and product differentiation. Currently the business is growing to different sectors; which include large LE

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