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No. 05, Jubilee Mawatha, Walana Panadura Sri Lanka
Walana Road Panadura Western Province LK
+94 38 2298691+94 38 2298691
+94 712 769769+94 712 769769
+94 38 2298692


SALGADO ENGINNRING has a Fabrication Division (SALGADO FABRICATION) and a Commercial Catering Equipment Division (SALGADO EQUIPMENT)

SALGADO FABRICATION leads the market in stainless steel fabrication for commercial kitchen products such as gas ranges, woks, sinks, work table, trolleys and exhaust hoods etc. as well as hand railings for commercial buildings.


SALGADO ENGINNRING provide Consultation, Planning, Installation and Maintenance of food services facilities for Hotels, Palaces, Hospitals, Restaurants, Military Sites, Labor Camps, and Fast Food Outlets with the turn key service from initial sketches, proposing functional system according to food service hygiene, creative designs, planning, supply and installation.

SALGADO ENGINNRING will provide an enduring professional training program for the layman with regard to the usage of our products.

SALGADO ENGINNRING goal is to satisfy clients by providing maximum cost effective solution and the best after sales services of the client’s facility.


SALGADO ENGINNRING will provide periodical preventive maintenance program, minimum two times within our Warranty period, one of which will be at the end of Warranty period, thus confirming the good condition of our product.


SALGADO ENGINNRING skill with professional designers always considers its space management. While utilizing these spaces effectively is easy to clean, work in the most functional method, facilitate food control, serves the food service employees well and create a pleasant working atmosphere. At this juncture, we also care for the overall economic budget, which is not the least important aspect.

SALGADO ENGINNRING professional always recommend the proper selection of equipment as per the requirements of the client, while propose the efficient safety and security system.

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