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No. 414,Highlevel Road,Navinna,Maharagama, High Level Rd, Maharagama
Eksath Subasadhaka Mawatha Maharagama Western Province LK
+94 777 811 611+94 777 811 611
+94 711 692 482+94 711 692 482
+94 112 801 017

Genso Power Technologies (Genso Solar) , a Truly Sri Lankan company inspired by being in the business of “Improving Quality of Living through Innovative Technology” and with an inspiring mission, ” To be in the forefront of technological advancements in the Solar energy industry, to deliver customer value by providing optimal energy solutions and excel in service standards with trust.
This commitment gives purpose to our operations, enabling us to offer products of value to thousands of Residentials, cooperates and Government clients all around the country, in the most affordable manner.

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