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Batticaloa, Eastern Province, Sri Lanka
Uppodai Lake Road Batticaloa Eastern Province LK

We are a registered travel agency based in Batticaloa, promoting community tourism as a means of ensuring that local communities benefit from the presence of travellers in our area. Fishermen, cooks, farmers, handicraftswomen, drivers and guides, boatmen… We work with around 50 families providing different services to make your stay with us enjoyable and unforgettable. Book an excursion with us, experience the local lifestyle, meet our people and create one day of income for them…

Stay with a local family and enjoy the Eastern Hospitality! At Eastern Homestay, we provide our guests with the opportunity to learn more about the culture, to make new friends and get to know about the local lifestyle by living in a local family. It provides an income to the family, while making your stay with us a truly unique Sri Lankan experience!

Get off-the-beaten track with our daily excursions in and around Batticaloa. By bicycle or vehicle, we’ll make sure you discover our Nature, Culture and People! Fishing classes, cooking classes, bird watching, visit to Hindu temples, snorkelling sessions, rock climbing, visit of villages, meeting the handicraftswomen, there is something here for everyone… You can also rent a bike in our place!

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