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54 Shoe Road, Colombo 13, Colombo, Western Province, Sri Lanka
54 Sri Bodhiraja Mawatha Colombo Western Province LK

Channel Manager is a system that manages and maintains all of a hotel’s functionality in real time, reducing the manual work process all the way..

The system enhances the business potency with automatic data creation of guest booking, invoices, booking status, duration of stay, actual charges, room allotment, inventory management, reporting, 24/7 reservation updates and much more; providing an advanced technological assistance.

To facilitate a hotel’s operations in an emerging manner and strengthening the business revenue, advanced hotel software system is a perfect data management software ensuring a faster work process with fewer time consumption, thereby delivering progressive opportunities for the online business.

System consists of:

  •  Front Office System
  •  Online Payment Receiving System
  •  Automatic Inventory updates on bookings over Travel Agent websites
  •  ‘Book Now’ button on hotel’s website, Facebook page, etc.
  •  Self Booking Engine
  •  Booking Site Updater
  •  Last Minute Updater
  •  Automatic SMS/Email Alerts about bookings
  •  House Keeping Management (Access to Maids)
  •  Overlap rooms
  •  And Many More
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