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120 Station Road, Homagama, Western Province, Sri Lanka
Station Road Homagama Western Province LK

Equipped with world’s best technologies, We, BAM GREEN has managed to make an impact in Renewable Energy Industry in Sri Lanka with our innovative solutions. Backed by strength of BAM Group that has been over 3 decades in the industry with over 4,000 of employees in 12 diversified subsidiary companies, we have chosen the sun for our future energy requirement without disturbing mother earth. We believe Children is our future and Mother Earth is our sustenance and our vision is to support to the cause of protecting nature by introducing affordable renewable energy solutions.

We strongly represent in all scales including domestic, commercial and industrial. We are also working on utility scale solar power plants with the hope of developing infrastructure & skills for our future. It’s the time to think about the future, Think on energy security. And this is the time to manure for sure.

BAM Holdings started its operations 1980 and since this time, the company has been earning an excellent reputation for reliability. This is reflected in the quality of the products and in the timeliness of the deliveries to our clients overseas. In addition to Garments, the BAM Holdings Limited has acquired other business skills with methodical and modern approaches to Management and Training. The company is still under the guidance of its founding father of the Group Chairman Mr. B.A. Mahipala.

BAM Holding’s core business has been Apparel manufacturing and vertically integrated services for last three decades. In recent times we diversified into Renewable Energy & leisure industry. Currently BAM GREEN focus on integration of Solar & Wind energy grid tied systems, off grid remote power systems and utility scale wind and solar farms.

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