The Taj Samudra Colombo invites you to be a part of yet another fabulous indulgence, the traditional ‘Dim Sum Festival’ till 22 June at the Golden Dragon. The unique culinary art dim sum originated with the Cantonese in southern China making Dim Sum a delectable delicacy in itself.

The art of creating these should be mastered through time, hence the hotel has acquired the expert touch of Chef Ashok Darade, who will be flown down from Mumbai Taj Mahal Palace especially for this promotion. The delectable offering was originally served in tea houses that often catered to travelers on the Silk Road along with local farmers and workers.

The Dim Sum expert, Chef Ashok Darade started his career with the Taj Group of Hotels in 1984 as an apprentice at The President Hotel in Mumbai. After completing the apprenticeship, he joined the team at Golden Dragon in Taj Mahal Palace Mumbai in 1987. Since then he has trained under various Chinese master Chefs who have worked at the Golden Dragon. The imminent list of expert Chefs who trained Chef Ashok include chefs Lam Ko, Lo Ka Yan, Hardy Chung, Lee Chamsun, Shi Xi Lin, Wen Wei Dong and Maosheng Liang.

Working with such masters chefs Ashok rose up the ranks and has not only became a Dim Sum expert but also an all-round Sichuan cuisine specialist. Having gained a reputation for his customary Chinese flair in cooking, Chef Ashok has conducted many Chinese food promotions and special banquet functions in a stream of Taj hotels located in diverse regions such as Hyderabad, Jaipur, Udaipur, Chennai and Jodhpur.

Taj Samudra’s fine-dining restaurant Golden Dragon which specialises in an epicurean Sichuan cuisine, continues to receive rave reviews for its excellent service and tantalising cuisine of the Sichuan province. The restaurant exudes an authentic Chinese aura, brandishing its heavenly gold and blue hues as traditional Chinese music plays in the background. Guests’ who prefer a more intimate setting, can choose to dine privately in a separate curtained-off section.

Patrons can relish the taste of the traditional Chinese Dim Sum available at lunch and dinner during the promotion.



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