Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), for those operating in the liquor industry is different from other industries due to the nature of the product itself and its immediate impact on consumers and society.

One of the obvious concerns is environmental pollution, similar to other industries. Aspects such as packaging, recycling of used bottles and waste disposal need to be dealt with. However, going a step further, these establishments need to enforce CSR initiatives that deal with the immediate effects of consuming their product – driving under influence (DUI), alcoholism, vandalism and domestic violence.

Here are 5 interesting, noteworthy examples of CSR initiatives of bars and establishments that produce and or serve alcohol:

  1. Tie up with taxi companies: Beer giant MillerCoors, partnered with transportation companies such as Autopilot Designated Driver Services, Uber and Hailo to provide convenient access to safe transport. They incentivised consumers further by offering discounted fares.
  2. Free taxi coupons: BC Liquor Stores will be offering patrons taxi coupons worth $5 each from 4pm to 7pm on Halloween (October 31st) from 8 of their stores.
  3. Trade your beer can for a ride home: During the Rio de Janeiro carnival, a bar in collaboration with a liquor store set up turnstiles in the city’s subway system where partygoers could trade their empty beer cans for a free train ride.
  4. Breathe if you want to leave – A nightclub in Belgium required patrons to blow into a breathalyzer before they could exit from the parking lot. If patrons blew below the limit, they were allowed to leave. If not, the barricade would not open, thus forcing the patrons to leave on foot and hail a taxi.
  5. Free rides during game seasons: Miller Light helps enjoy fans drink responsibly by working with local transit companies and offering fans free shuttle services to some of the major cities.

Some of these CSR initiatives are very simple to set up but may pay huge dividends in helping you do your part to help negate the effects of your products.


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