Hotel Sapphire/Hotel Concord Executive Culinary Art Chef – Athula Kodikarage wins two Gold Excellence Awards – one Gold Excellence, one Double Gold, one Silver and two Bronze Medals, at the 2016 IKA World Culinary Olympics held in Frankfurt, Germany recently.

This is the first time a Sri Lankan chef has ever won two Gold Excellence awards twice consecutively and he will automatically be entering into the hall of fame. This is a historic event for Sri Lanka as well since a Sri Lankan wins Culinary Olympics with Gold Excellence award which is the highest category in Culinary Olympics rewarding system.

Athula who has over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry, performed well in his creative areas and was instrumental in EAP Leisure’s success by winning 19 medals at the Chefs’ Guild in 2015, bringing fame to Hotel Sapphire and Concord Grand.

Athula was also a twin Gold Medal winner at the World Cup Culinary Arts held in Luxemburg in 2014. He also won two Golds and one Silver at the Culinary Olympics held in Germany in 2012 and placed a record with the highest number of medals won by a Sri Lankan. He owns the highest level of an award which is the Gold Excellence to be won by a culinary artist.

Under Athula’s leadership, Hotel Sapphire and Hotel Concord offer the following services to its customers:

Any kind of ice carving according to customer’s choice
Any kind of vegetable carving according to customer’s choice
Wedding cake structures
Birthday cakes
Any ceremonial cakes/structures
Any paper artwork or design
Any pottery, icing or clay design

You may contact Athula on 0771776320 to avail his services at Hotel Sapphire and Hotel Concord.

This article originally appears on DailyFT.


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