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Marketing and Promotions

Marketing and Promotions

How Mobile Is Changing In 2015

operating mobile phone
Travel shoppers are accessing the Internet wherever and whenever they want. With global smartphone use expected to reach 2.5 billion in 2015, mobile has...

How is SMAC Elevating the Hospitality Industry

Planning a vacation with family or looking for a getaway from the routine-bound life, the concern arises when you are making your pick. Whether...

Cross Promotional Marketing Strategies for Hospitality Leaders

ideas for cross promoting
What happens when a customer needs to get to a hotel or a meeting after a flight? It’s evident. They have to pick up...

How to Get More Pleasure, Not Pain, From OTAs

Oh, the pleasure and the pain of working with online travel agencies (OTAs). On one hand, an OTA’s global reach exposes you to audiences you...

3 SEO Predictions You Need to Know for 2016

sun set 2016
Google freaks me out. How about you? It seems like they are always on the verge of making a big search algorithm change. As marketers we feel...

Yes, you should bid on your travel brand keywords, says study

keyword study
Should travel advertisers bid on their brand search terms across pay-per-click (PPC) ads? Bing Ads has done some research suggesting the answer is yes, in...