The Swiss Institute of Hospitality and Banking is to soon commence operations in Sri Lanka with land being scouted for this purpose. This is a major business venture that would include a training institution, a hotel property, a school campus, and a marina with a marine park. It is founded by BaSSAG AG and partnered by Swiss certifying and knowhow partners including the Swiss Hospitality School Lucerne (SHL) and the Swiss Banking Advisory Academy BBZ from St. Gallen, as well as contributions by the President of the University of Applied Sciences St. Gallen, Switzerland, the owners said in a media release. BaSSAG is a management consultancy company which undertakes special projects for blue-chip companies in Europe and Asia.

It is based in Switzerland´s renowned home for education and top training institutes – St. Gallen. Bassag´s experts have set up schools and training institutes for corporations, such as the UBS Wealth Management Campus in Singapore, and executed strategies and change projects for airlines, hotels and logistics companies. BaSSAG is the founding organisation of the Swiss Institute of Hospitality and Banking The media release said the institute will be is headed by Dr. Rohith Gerald Delilkhan, who has a long-standing track record of setting up and managing education institutions in Europe and Asia, and Michael Bardon, a seasoned international service industry expert. The Advisory Board has several industry and education experts such as Ms. Andrea Kuhn-Senn, who headed the Centre of Young Professionals in Switzerland; Dominique Nordmann, CEO of Resplendent Ceylon; Heiko Rosenbohm, a top German Sales and Marketing expert and Adrian Zeccha, Chairman of Aman Resorts.

“The Swiss Institute of Hospitality and Banking is the first in the world to address the needs of all service industries: Aviation, Banking, Hospitality, Logistics, Retail, Telecommunications and Tourism. For the industry players this means a boost to the capability development sector in Sri Lanka who will have access to a new generation of Sri Lankans with relevant skill sets,” said Dr Delilkhan. He said all programmes with Swiss certification at affordable prices will be made available across Sri Lanka. “We will be setting up a full campus in due course in Sri Lanka after commencing operations in Colombo with a local partner from the hotel industry. No other training institution in Sri Lanka provides such an offering.


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