About Hospitality.lk – The Industry’s Online Portal

About Hospitality.lk – The Industry’s Online Portal

Hospitality.lk is a multi-purpose online portal encompassing content publishing, curation, aggregation and distribution, directory listing, job bank and board services, resource depository services, and forum and message board administration.

As the knowledge base for the Sri Lankan tourism industry, our online portal aggregates and curates vast amounts of information that consist of hospitality news from around the world, job vacancies in hotels and restaurants, an all-encompassing industry directory containing information on education as well, and details on the latest hospitality events.

Professionals may also keep up with international and Sri Lankan renowned industry icons, discuss and obtain insights regarding any aspect of the industry, and sign up for the weekly Hospitality.lk newsletter jam-packed with information to keep you up-to-date on the affairs of the Sri Lankan and global hospitality industry.

Hospitality.lk aims to be the foremost online portal-based holistic resource for the professionals of the Sri Lankan Hospitality and Tourism Industry, enabling the fulfillment of all major professional requirements on a single platform.

Hospitality.lk is owned and managed by Monarc Management Private Limited, a business incubator that serves to provide a range of resources to infuse start-ups with the multi-dimensional support they require to ensure a rapid and streamlined introduction of innovative products and services.